Volunteering in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular holiday resort in Indonesia but it offers more than just the great landscape and an idyllic holiday destination. It is renowned for its welcoming residents and warm vibrant culture. There are also numerous great projects that you can take part in if you are planning to volunteer overseas on some “voluntourism” – a mix of tourism and some volunteer charity work. By working as a Bali volunteer, you have an opportunity to give something back to the Balinese people.

There are numerous charities working in Bali as well as a lot of volunteering Bali opportunities where you can apply your skills in order to make the society a little better. There are lots of social organizations that are involved in education. You can volunteer and teach kids English and other useful skills that will serve them in life later on.  Many of the schools in Bali where you can volunteer help the underprivileged in society and you can equip them with some skills that will help their job prospects.

Conservation is another area where you can help the Balinese. There are lots of vegetation and protected areas that are coming under intense pressure from the booming tourist industry and modernization. During your volunteer overseas stint in Bali, you can make a lot of impact and expand your horizons by delving deeper into the communities which are found here. No matter your motivations and preferences, you can always be a volunteer in Bali and find great opportunities that give you a sense of accomplishment and fully apply your skills.

Here is an overview of some of the volunteer overseas opportunities that you can take up in Bali:

Teach English

This is the most common of the educational volunteer programs. English skills will take underprivileged kids far and open up numerous opportunities for them in various spheres of life. Kids aged 6-18 will gain greater confidence in their language skills through their interaction with the volunteers.

Volunteer with disabled

You can volunteer with kids who are physically and mentally developed and assist them in coping more effectively with life and also learning some special skills.  Many of these kids are generally locked from the formal educational system due to their disabilities so your time can make a huge difference.

Recycling Projects

There are numerous recycling and conservation projects in Bali which are geared at improving the environment and quality of living. A lot of this has to do with waste management in various communities.

Community development

Volunteers can take part in various community development initiatives while volunteering in Bali. These can include construction and renovations in some of the depressed communities under the guidance of local coordinators. These can involve jobs such as bricklaying, painting and carpentry amongst others.

Conservation Projects

One of the most popular conservation projects in Bali is that of turtle conservation. Volunteer work in this setting involves caring for turtles including feeding and cleaning in the conservation centre. Volunteer work can also be proactive including taking care of the environment around their habitat, improvement in waste management and teaching of the locals about turtle conservation.

The best way to volunteer overseas in Bali is by signing up with a volunteer organization that can organize the logistics of the volunteer work including accommodation and volunteer packages which will make your stint a lot easier and stress-free.

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