Do you need a solution to your manual handling problems?

Manual lifting or lowering of heavy loads can end up pulling the muscles or causing severe damage to the back or limbs in the body. It is estimated that the food and drinks industry causes 30% of all acute injuries. Meanwhile, the law prohibits employment of persons in any factory to lift, carry or move heavy loads that are likely to cause harm. Apparently, nobody would like to find themselves behind bars as a result of being involved in accident scandals with his/her employees.  Luckily, 75% of the injuries induced by manual handling could be prevented, if a better way of doing working is discovered. The electric hoist plays a good part for that.

What is manual handling?

Manual handling is the utilization of the human body to raise, lower, fill, empty, or transport loads. In spite of the risk that may be involved, most of the manufacturing or distribution systems need some manual handling tasks. Considering some lifting techniques and posture can help in reduction of injuries. Nevertheless, research suggests that changing the design of the workplace is the most efficient way to preclude injuries. The initiation of lifting equipment is a better way of improving manual handling proficiencies and in turn, minimizes injuries resulting from it. Some of the equipment that can help in solving this problem includes vacuum lifters and electric hoists.

What is an Electric hoist?

An Electric hoist is an instrument that lifts or lowers a heavy load using a drum or lift-wheel around which a rope or chain wraps. It makes the transporting for all sizes of loads simple and safe. Moreover, an electric hoist offers security to the users. Despite the fact that hoists have been there since the 1800s, electrical hoists only came in the early 1900s. They have an extra feature that is known as the hoist controller. Check out Millsom Materials Handling.

Compared to the different types of hoists, electrical hoists are the most economical. They are more economical and require little effort to repair than the types of hoists. In comparison with the manual hoist that would need extensive manpower to operate it, electrical hoists economize on manpower and are more effective. There are four categories of Electric Wire Rope Hoists. They include the following

  • low headroom
  • foot mounted
  • Standard double girder crab
  • Double Girder Crab with End Carriage
  • Vacuum lifter/vacuum tube lifter

Vacuum handling is a good and ergonomic way of raising many different objects. With the systems of vacuum handling, production processes are efficient and the processing times are shortened. Concurrently, the motivation for staff members and productivity are enhanced. There are various products of vacuum lifters. They include Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters, VacuMaster Modular Vacuum, Vacuum Turning Table 180° and Vacuum Components.


A vacuum lifter can be used in many ways, and the most common functions are:

  • Improvement of poor manual handling techniques and reduction of expensive manual handling injuries
  • Reduction of the number of employees required to perform a task
  • Productivity increase

Among the different types of jumbo vacuum tube lifters is JumboFlex Vacuum Lifter, the product that is used in handling sacks. This equipment is available at sack vacuum lifters Australia.

You can find more information about the lifting equipment such as electric hoists here

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