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Thailand GSM Hire Phone from Rent Mobile Phone

Flag of Thailand

Hire GSM Phone for use in Thailand from Rent Mobile Phone that provide cheap Hire Phones for use in Thailand at affordable rates with International Roaming.

GSM is a mobile telephone standard established mainly in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Africa and now North America. This means that travellers can rent a GSM phone for use in most places, and can roam in around 120 countries with the same cellular telephone.

When you Hire a GSM Mobile Phone from Rent Mobile Phone, you get the following:

  • A hire cell phone that works in around 120 countries.
  • Nokia 3110 handset
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • UK next-day delivery and collection (2 hours in Central London)
  • Worldwide delivery and collection via FedEx
  • Free technical support worldwide
  • Carry case
  • International travel charger
  • User guide
  • Free itemised billing
  • Vehicle charger and lead
  • Business cards with your name and rental phone number.


Hire GSM Phone for use in Thailand

Cost of Hire for Thailand

A Hire Phone for Thailand is surprisingly affordable. The phone and line hire are only £1 (one UK Pound) per day. We will make that part FREE if your calls average out more than £5 worth of calls per day.

The current call rates while you are using your hire phone in Thailand (may change from time to time) are as below.

Rent and call rates for GSM Phone in Thailand:


2.89 per minute

International (UK):

3.49 per minute

International (Other):

3.49 per minute


2.89 per minute


£1 per day or FREE


400 (refundable after 14 days)

GSM Network in Thailand

When you hire a GSM Mobile Phone from Rent Mobile Phone, you will get a tri-band GSM Phone with a UK number and full International Roaming for use all over Thailand where ever there is GSM coverage.

GSM Coverage Map in Thailand, July 2004

GSM Coverage in Thailand

The GSM networks you would be using in Thailand when you hire a GSM Phone from Rent Mobile Phone are:

Network Name:

ACT Mobile Company, Limited

Network Frequency:

GSM 1900/3G


Network Name:

Digital Phone Co Ltd

Network Frequency:

GSM 1800


To rent a GSM mobile phone for Thailand, please complete our Express Quotation system which will guide you through all your requirements and needs.

Read more about the Service you will receive when you arrange to rent a GSM phone like the Nokia 3110 for the UK or World roaming.

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