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Hire Mobile Phone Hire

Need a Cell Phone Hire service? Rent a Mobile Phone could be the solutions you need. Based in London UK, our World Wide Cell Phone rental service should meet any Mobile Phones rental needs that you might have, including phones for Korea, Japan, USA, UK or anywhere!. We are pleased to offer a wide range of phones including:

Hire Mobile Phone or GSM Line Hire from mPhone online - and have the 6020 delivered within 2 hours in central London


If you are planning further in advance, we will allocate your mobile number now for future hire. This would allow you to let your friends, colleagues and family know in good time how they can contact you. Your Rental phone will also have access to Voice mail, so you can store and forward any messages your phone picks up whilst being switched off or out of range.

Place your Phone Hire request and have the rental equipment delivered to your home, hotel or office. We can arrange overnight delivery to most locations world-wide.


Rent Mobile Phone by catagory:


Get Instant Rental Quotes and Tariffs

We author our own user guides in plain English for use with the phone hire. For a more detailed price breakdown, call us on (+44) 020 7353 7705 or please procede for a quote on-line.

Global GSM Phones and Lines from the UK

If you find yourself often visiting a GSM area but do not have a GSM line in your home country, or if you visit the UK regularly and you wish to reduce your roaming charges, then we can help you with a more affordable option of a UK GSM line that is post-pay, (avoiding the inconveniences of pre-pay phones) with full International Roaming enabled. Rent a Mobile Phone give you this exceptional offering with no line rent! You can buy a LINE and keep it ready for such trips as well as a SIM Free GSM phone that would work with this line.

Discounted call charges, free equipment hire & inclusive airtime

Mobile phone hire with no hidden charges

Our industry leading low, transparent rates are offered with none of the hidden charges employed by many other mobile phone hire operators:

  • No additional charge for insurance
  • No additional charge for express shipping
  • No additional charge for itemized billing

Tariffs and Options

Inclusive tariff offers complete flexibility to use your allocated airtime when and how you choose.

  • Discounted airtime charges of at least 5% off our standard rates
  • Unlimited free incoming calls
  • Includes loss, theft and damage protection

Low deposit
A deposit of 100 is taken from your credit or debit card and refunded, after deduction of charges, when you are invoiced within 14 days of the return of the phone.

Fixed cost delivery & collection
Express delivery and collection by secure courier (any UK mainland location) is available for the fixed, subsidised fee of just 7.00 each way, irrespective of how many phones are delivered or collected simultaneously.

mPhone Cell Phone rental World Wide 

Cell Phone Rental World Wide

Cell Phone Rental World Wide: We are able to supply a Cellular Phone for rent in just about any country. Most locations in the UK, Europe and America can have a mobile phone delivered the next day, other World Wide destinations might take an extra day or two, please book in advance so we can pre-alocate your mobile number (to share with friends and colleagues and also to make sure you get your cellular phone delivered in good time.


Price when you Rent a Mobile Phone

When you get quotation for Mobile Phone Rental, you need to be careful when comparing prices. For example Rent a Mobile Phone give you FREE rental when your average call charges are more than £5 per day. Otherwise the rental fee is only £1 per day for GSM phones with line in the UK. If you are a regular visitror to the UK or you a lot of roaming in Europe, then the GSM Line only we offer, has FREE line rental and does not expire. You simply pay for the calls you make, after you make them. Rent a Mobile Phone will do its best to get you the best possible deal for the UK and abroad, so contact us today! Find out more about our HIRE SERVICE.

Rent a Mobile Phone can also save you a lot of money when you get your own UK Line to keep, no rental charges, no delivery charges, no monthly fees - just great prices for calls made, after they are made. This is a unique service and is ideal for regular UK visitors or for those wishing to roam internationally.

Weekly Tips on how to make the most of a rental mobile phone

If you are visiting different countries with different phone standards (e.g. Japan, Korea and another country) in a single trip, you can avoid changing phones or carrying more than one phone, by renting a Satellite phone that will work in all these countries. With Rental Mobile Phone in the UK, you have truly global coverage with our rental satellite phones. See previous phone rental tips.


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